Terason is the market leader in the provision of crop solutions to the agricultural industry and related peripherals. We are an innovative and established force that has created a dynamic local infrastructure, providing a wide range of crop solutions, complementing the whole food supply chain. Through innovative ideas and new concepts we can make a difference and ensure growth with sustainability. This is how we endeavour to remain the leading crop solution company in South Africa.

Terason is derived from the latin word "Terrasano" meaning "healthy earth". Our environmentally friendly products offer healthy choices in amongst others, organic foods from sustainable sources.

The Terason logo and colour translates into the following:

  • Blue for science - to improve our products and results everyday
  • Green for nature, without which, we would be nothing
  • The curve symbolises the vineyards and crop, and also the holistic approach that we support - from soil preparation to the final product instore, direct to the public.


Dié onmisbare vennoot in die waardeketting

Terason is ’n belangrike rolspeler in die Suid-Afrikaanse landboubedryf aangesien die maatskappy ‘n verskaffer is van gewasoplossings in die waardeketting wat ’n groot rol speel om die volhoubaarheid van die produsent te help optimaliseer.…more



Video Library

Terason regularly uploads videos under the YouTube username of TerasonSA. You can view the collection here by clicking the link below.…more


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